We want to remind residents of the district,  you may request No Parking signs to place at your residence to reserve the parking spaces in front of your home so they aren’t used by concert attendees.   Newberg/Dundee Police Department will enforce the no parking signs, so be sure you remove them when you return home that evening so you don’t get a ticket.

The Cultural District will place the signs initially and then it is the resident’s responsibility to put them out before 12 noon (most put them out when leaving for work in the morning) on the Tuesdays in July and August when they want to reserve the space.

To request signs, contact Newberg Public Library at nplibrary@newbergoregon.gov

Please put Tunes on Tuesday signs in your subject line.   Please request as soon as possible.  If you request them the day of a concert, we may not be able to accommodate that week if we have to acquire additional signs.     

Please share this with your neighbors who may not be on this mailing list (and encourage them to sign up for this monthly newsletter).