Newberg Cultural District Board

Tuesday, October 2, 2018  |  5:30 pm |  Chehalem Cultural Center



Attendance:  Members:  Robert Soppe, Jim McMaster for Don Clements/CPRD, Leah Griffith for Newberg Library, Sean Andreis for CCC     Audience: Teresa Arnold, neighbor   Excused:  City of Newberg position OPEN


  1. Welcome 5:30 pm  –  Soppe
  2. Approval of the Minutes for September 11, 2018.  Minutes were approved with the following added to section 2 regarding Tunes on Tuesday.   Soppe expressed concern that it was claimed there were no reports to the ND Police Department when he was aware of two separate reports.   No minutes for 10-8-18
  3. Board Comments – Leah reported she had talked with Sgt. Eric Ronning, NDPD Festival Street Administrator and he reported “no significant issues” during Tunes on Tuesday.   There were four parking or pedestrian calls (one car was reported as parked in a  no parking zone and a warning was issued, one car was warned for parking the wrong way, one car was called as blocking a driveway and was warned and moved and one pedestrian was warned for J-walking).    He reported he did not received any complaints or suggestions regarding any issues from the Reserves working Tunes
  4. Public Comments – No comments
  5. Wayfinding, Design and Art in the Cultural District–no report
  6. Shade Structure-Newberg Early Bird Rotary – It has been complete except for gutters.  Robert will draft a letter of thanks to the Early Bird Rotary for their efforts in building the shade structure.
  7. Policy for Waiving Fees   —  No report
  8. Projects to recommend to CPRD SDC consideration – Robert will write a letter from the board recommending improving the gravel lot as a possible project.
  9. Revisions to IGA:   A revised IGA draft was reviewed (attached).  There were some additional changes.  They will be incorporated and brought to the Cultural District Board in November.   If approved by the Board, they would be submitted to the City and CPRD for their review and then back to the Board for any reconciliation of their recommendations.   They could be presented to the CPRD Board and City Council in February or March.
  10. Public Comments – none
  11. Board Comments — none
  12. Next meetings:    November 6th, no meeting planned for December
  13. Nomination and election of Neighborhood representative.   Teresa Synder and Robert Soppe were present as qualified neighbors.   Teresa Snyder was duly elected as the neighborhood representative for a two year term, January 1, 2019-December 31, 2020
  14. Adjourn at 6:45 pm

Meeting minutes taken by Secretary, Leah Griffith