Newberg Cultural District Executive Board

Tuesday, June 4, 2019     5:30pm        Chehalem Cultural Center


    Attendance:  Members:  Leah Griffith for Newberg Library, Sean Andries for CCC, Teresa Arnold as neighborhood representative, Stephanie Findley for City of Newberg    Absent:  Casey Creighton for CPRD    Guest:  Audrey Smith, Newberg Library and Shannon Buckmaster, Tunes on Tuesday and Chamber of Commerce

  1. Welcome 5:30 pm – Sean Andries, Chair
  2. Additions or Deletions to the Agenda-none
  3. Minutes for March,  2019 were approved
  4. Public Comments-None
  5. Tunes on Tuesday
    1. Shannon Buckmaster, Tunes co-chair, was in attendance.  Their plans are up and running.  The tent will arrive July 8th.  They will be sponsoring a Greeters at the site on June 28th.   There will be a Tiny House on Display during the first concert July 9th.   They have a full lineup through August 27th  and have a larger group on the last night that’s required them to have additional insurance.   They are instituting a violation fine for their vendors ($50 an incident) to encourage compliance.   They are moving Rogue Gourmet away from the pavers to the street.
    2. The new restrooms in the Cultural Center may open in August and Tunes will layout their vendors accordingly.
    3. Tunes is still paying the CCC who will then put out the parking directional signs.
    4. Library staff, Audrey Smith, is in charge of the No Parking signs for residents and will be putting them out starting July 9th.  Direct anyone wanting signs to Audrey at the Library at
  1. Public Works Day, June 27th will close Sheridan and North Howard Streets   Also noted is the Library is again hosting the youth lunch program on Carnegie Court from June 17th through August 23rd.  No street closures, but lots of kids.
  2. Lavender Festival is June 13th and 14th and will close Sheridan and North Howard Streets.
  3. CCC Renovation project is set for completion by the end of July that includes outside access to restrooms.  They will likely be closing the Center on Tunes nights and just have the new outside access restrooms open that will operate on a timer.   They’ll be experimenting with it.
  4. Mural Project on Annex is still delayed by a need to change city code.  It is still hoped they will be able to start painting once the Tunes tent is down.
  5. Web page Review:    Leah’s been cleaning up the web page as the location for minutes and other documents.   Stephanie will take on the web site as she transitions to secretary.    Jessica Otto from library staff can assist  .

Newsletter:  Teresa Arnold will take on doing the monthly newsletter as it is our primary communication with the neighbors and as the neighborhood representative, she felt it made good sense for her take on that role.   Leah will provide some training/background.

  1. Document Storage:  Leah will provide copies of the documents she’s been maintaining on her library computer to Sean and will also leave copies for the new library director, Will Worthey, as he transitions to be on the board when he arrives July 1st.
  2. Election of Secretary:  Stephanie Findley was elected Secretary.
  3. Public Comments-none
  4. Board Comments-

The Tree lighting is still up in the air.  There was a suggestion that George Fox University might be a new sponsor for the event.  There’s still an unknown about if we need to buy the tree or if there are other options.  It might be moved to mid-November, instead of December.

There was a discussion about Farmers Market moving to Tuesday and closing Howard St. from Hancock to Sheridan.  Leah indicated for the library that would be big problem as it would limit access to the library, especially to anyone with mobility issues as the two handicapped parking stalls would be inaccessible.  It is the busiest day at the library as well.   Concern was also expressed by all about the viability of the Farmers Market and how many people patronized it.   It had been in the plaza of the Cultural Center in the beginning and that is something that Sean would be concerned about as well.

Sean acknowledged Leah Griffith’s upcoming retirement and thanked her for her service to the cultural district and that she would be missed.

Next Meeting:   October 1st    (Meetings are set for the 1st Tuesday at 5:30 pm in January, March, June and October)

Adjourn at 6:37 pm

Meeting minutes taken by Secretary, Leah Griffith

Newberg Cultural District Executive Board

Tuesday, March 5, 2019     5:30pm        Chehalem Cultural Center


    Attendance:  Members:  Leah Griffith for Newberg Library, Sean Andries for CCC, Teresa Arnold as neighborhood representative, Stephanie Findley for City of Newberg    Absent:  Casey Creighton for CPRD

  1. Welcome 7:05 pm – Sean Andries, Chair
  2. Additions or Deletions to the Agenda-none
  3. Minutes for January 8,  2019 were approved
  4. Public Comments
    1. Bob Flippen, Mary Dailey, and Marion McMuldren were present.  Ms. McMuldren said she was verbally representing Jessie and Jeff Freer.  Ms. McMuldren was registering her complaint that the orange pot at the ballroom garden was unattractive, didn’t fit in the ballroom/cultural center design esthetic, was distasteful to the neighborhood and could affect people wanting to use the ballroom as it would distract from the appearance.   She would like to see it moved from the ballroom area.   Sean indicated he hadn’t had a complaint or comment from anyone using the ballroom about the orange pot.   He indicated that he would mention to CPRD that they take it under consideration to move to the front plaza when and if they move the pots.  The board did not consider moving the pot to be a priority.
  5. IGA Revisions
    1. IGA changes to City Council and CPRD Board-  It was moved and seconded to make the final changes to the IGA and bring to Council and CPRD for their approval.
    2. As required by the new IGA, it was moved and seconded to appoint the Chehalem Cultural Center to manage reservations for the Cultural District.  It was approved.
  1. Annual Report to City Council and CPRD Board
  1. As required by the IGA Leah presented the annual report to City Council in February and it will be presented to CPRD on March 28th.
  2. This is a mural that Newberg Noon Rotary (Geoff Gilmore) is working on in consultation with the GFU Art Department (Luke Zimmerman).  A group of four students has been selected to design and carry out a mural on the Library Annex.   The NCD Board approved the mural via an email vote in February.
  3. A meeting with Keith Leonard, Newberg City Associate Planner, is set for early March, just to gather more info on the process as Planning approval is needed.
  4. A public meeting is required and everything is in place for the mailing (2 weeks before the mandated public meeting) to the neighborhood, as required, to go out on Wednesday, March 6th. The plan is for the public meeting to happen in the same space as last year (Lemon’s lecture hall has been booked) on Wednesday, March 20th, for a session lasting from 6pm-6:45. This means that everything should be submitted to the art committee before the end of March and then the month of April would be spent refining the design. Painting would be planned for after finals in mid to late May.
  5. The student artists are working on designs, though still in the earliest stages. They have elected to use the Newberg palette as their base coloring.
  6. Per the IGA, the Newberg Cultural District Board needs to have approval of the design.  The art committee is chaired by Sean Andries.
  7. Adjourn at 6:19 pm
  1. Mural Project on Annex
  1. Public Comments-none
  2. Board Comments-Stephanie reminded everyone they are invited to attend City Council Meetings.
  3. Next Meeting:   June 4th.  Would like to have Tunes on Tuesday representatives there and will need to have an election of secretary as it will be Leah’s last meeting.

Meeting minutes taken by Secretary, Leah Griffith

Newberg Cultural District Executive Board

Tuesday, January 8, 2019     5:30pm        Chehalem Cultural Center


Attendance:  Members:  Leah Griffith for Newberg Library, Sean Andreis for CCC, Teresa Arnold, Neighbor Representative  Absent:  Don Clements/CPRD, Elise Yarnell/City of Newberg

  1. Welcome 5:30 pm  –  Griffith as secretary
  1. Election of Officers  — Sean Andreis was elected Chair, Teresa Arnold was elected Vice-Chair.  Leah Griffith will continue as Secretary until her retirement June 30, 2019, when a new secretary will be elected.
  1. Approval of the Minutes for November 6, 2018.  Minutes were approved.
  1. Public Comments – None
  1. Revisions to IGA:   No discussion as we didn’t have the changes by CPRD to review.  It is scheduled for adoption at the March meeting so it can go to the City Council and CPRD Board this spring.
  1. Annual Report to City Council and CPRD Board – Leah shared her draft report and it was approved to move forward.  She will be presenting to the City Council on February 4th and to CPRD at either their February 28th or March 28th meeting.
  1. Board Comments – Sean shared that the Coldwell Banker Realty company asked about showing outdoor movies in the district.  Leah related that years ago the library had done a movie series until the licensing costs increased.   Sean will put those from Coldwell Banker in touch with Leah for information.

Leah related that there will be a Christmas Tree Summit in February for all involved to discuss the annual tree lighting.  With both Leah and Jim retiring this year, others involved need to pick up what they had done and discuss any revisions.

The board set meeting dates for 2019:

March 5th   (invite Tunes on Tuesday)

June 4th (invite Tunes on Tuesday)

October 1st  (Annual Meeting and review of Summer Activities)

January 7, 2020

Meetings will be at 5:30 pm at the Cultural Center.  If additional meetings are needed, they will be called.  The newsletter will continue to be emailed monthly.

Sean shared that the Catering Kitchen/Restroom project is getting ready to go out to bid.   This will make a big difference for events inside the Cultural Center as well as provide restrooms for outdoor events.

  1. Adjourn at 6:14 pm

Meeting minutes taken by Secretary, Leah Griffith