NCD Board Minutes 2014

Newberg Cultural District Executive Board         Thursday 8-7-2014   6:00 – 7 pm                             Minutes

Attended by:   Leah Griffith,  Robert Soppe,  Rob Dailey    Excused:  Ryan Howard       Absent:  Don Clements

  1. Welcome. Call to order: 6:09.
  2. No additions or deletions to the agenda
  3. Minutes of July 1, 2014 approved as presented.
  4. Public Comments. Rick Fieldhouse. Historic Homes Tour on 8-9-14 will not be on district property as originally set.
  1. Board Comments. Questions from board members about use inside Cultural Center. Clarified by Dailey
  2. Review of Final Rules and Procedures.  The final rules were distributed.
  3. Tunes on Tuesday. Packet includes letter distributed to neighbors by Soppe and Griffith, parking norms, three iterations of Parking Evaluation/Plan for Tunes on Tuesday.
    1. Soppe is concerned that the 2nd St lot is not being promoted for use like the Tunes on Tuesday committee and the Cultural District Board agreed to do. In general Soppe encourages the Board to enforce agreed-upon rules or consider changing the rules.

i.         Griffith will call Sara at Tunes Committee and have them put the 2nd street lot on the Tunes website.

ii.         We will provide a drawing for those who have parked in the 2nd St lot–have a person handing out tickets to parkers from 6-7pm, draw at music intermission.

iii.         Until the Board feels that the 2nd St lot is actually being used, it will be removed from the parking action plan for Tunes.

iv.         In general, the Tunes committee has not been as responsive as we had hoped.

  1. Griffith advocates focusing on the strategy of working with individual neighbors who are having issues, providing them with solutions like signs from the Police Chief.
    1. Griffith will be on vacation next two weeks but will not miss a Tunes on Tuesday!
  2. Discussion on future.
  3. Outdoor space adjacent to ballroom will remain available parking until phase III and approval from Planning Commission. This excludes the small footprint just outside the rollup door.
  4. Wayfinding. NEA grant nearly complete.
  5. Demolition of library annex/construction of an amphitheater. No funding yet secured. Perhaps discuss demolition of building as a short-term plan.
  6. City ordinances changes are still ongoing. City attorney has some other priorities but is still working toward it.
  7.  Next Meeting. September 4 at 6 pm due to Tunes conflict.
  8. Board reviewed Board Workplan 2013-2014.   Most items have been completed.
  9.  Public Comments: NONE
  10. Adjourn: 8:01

Newberg Cultural District Executive Board         Tuesday July 1, 2014   6:00 – 7 pm          Minutes

Attended by:   Leah Griffith, Robert Soppe, Ryan Howard, Rob Dailey    Absent:  Don Clements

1.       Welcome:   Meeting called to order at 6:03 PM

2.       Additions to agenda: NONE

3.       Approval of minutes of June 3, 2014, with the following changes.

9.b Clarification of rental rates: $75 per space for Cultural Center Plaza or Carnegie Court; $50 for street  (i.e. Plaza and street would be $125). If all space is rented, $175 is the discounted rate. These are for 8 hours, which is minimum. Fees are pro-rated after eight hours.

10.d Soppe reiterated that getting on the email list will be an acceptable  way for neighbors to know of upcoming issues and events.  Soppe suggests he will personally make efforts to make it known among the neighbors.

Minutes approved as amended.

Since next NCD meeting will conflict with a Tunes on Tuesday, which will require the attention of several members of the board, the next meeting is set for August 7, 6pm.

4.       Public Comments: NONE

5.       Board Comments: NONE

6.       Parking plan for Tunes on Tuesday: NCD members met this week and worked out a system of signage to direct people to the downtown parking places. Tunes will place the signs. The plan is written with the newest NCD form, the parking plan form. This form offers instructions based on numbers of attendees.

The Tunes committee and the NCD board are working through a checklist for the first event.

Tunes will have friendly volunteers at strategic locations holding signs discouraging parking on residential streets and will direct drivers to appropriate parking areas.  Soppe suggested that it would be appropriate to continue this until 7pm if it is to be effective.

7.       Rules and Procedures:  Final revisions made on draft by Griffith. Soppe moves to approve the draft as amended tonight.

8.       Splash Pad Update: NONE

9.       New city ordinance covering changes for Street Closures, Sound Permits, Alcohol Use, and Sales: City attorney and Griffith still working on it. Alcohol use revision approved by City Council.

10.   Public Comments: NONE.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:15      Members of the board convened outside to scout areas for Tunes activities next week.

Executive Board

June 3, 2014        6:00 pm      



Present: Ryan Howard, Jim McMaster, Robert Soppe, Leah Griffith, Rob Dailey

Guests: Rick Fieldhouse

NCD Board Meeting

Members: Leah Griffith, Don Clements, Rob Dailey, Robert Soppe, Ryan Howard

Visitors: Mike Ragsdale, Rick Fieldhouse

NCD Board

Call to order: 6:02

  1. Welcome.
  2.  No additions to agenda.
  3. Minutes: change May 6, item 7 change “understood”  to “agreed”. Approved with changes.
  4. Public comments: picnic tables that are on forecourt will be re-stained within a week or two (by Jim McMaster’s crews).
  5. No board comments.
  6. Request for Council Action on changes in alcohol use policies on City property included in minutes. City is working on a resolution to get requested changes for NCD into codes.
  7. Drafting of ordinance covering street closures, sound permits, alcohol use, and sales is also in progress.
  8. Rules and Procedures will be on next meeting’s agenda.
  9. Fees for rental of space.
    1. Suggestion to start with what the Cultural Center currently charges: $75 for 8 hours. CPRD charges $53 for a day for shelters.
    2. Proposal: $75 for plaza or court; then additional $50 per space. $175 for the whole space(8 hours)

Deposits: $300/$600

Fee schedule (LEAH PLEASE VERIFY THESE NUMBERS) approved by vote

Green space where splash pad will be installed will not be reserve-able

  1. Anonymous letter about Camellia Festival and street closures around the Camellia Run.
    1. Board wishes the letter had been signed so we could follow up.
    2. The letter brought up valid concerns and is written in a courteous tone.
    3. Board will look at procedures for opening streets following Camellia Run.
    4. And will continue to discuss ways to visually cue neighbors that a large event is impending.
    5. For profit events will be subject to 20% of gross income or the regular rate (same as CCC rental agreement).
  2. Splash Pad report: contractor is working with the designer. Possible construction in July. CPRD has ordered materials. Rotary clubs have donated.
  3. Additional item: Soppe says the low curbs are somewhat confusing for parking and not very clear to walkers. Asks: Is there something we can do to improves this?
  4. Additional item: Meyer/Reed is working on a design package for wayfinding in the District. The cost of this is part of a National Endowment for the Arts grant the City received. Mike Ragsdale has also requested Meyer/Reed participate with the City o Newberg on overall wayfinding.
  5. Additional item: In an effort to maintain responsible oversight, the Cultural Center agrees to provide a financial statements regarding
  6. Additional item: Howard would like to see bike parking in the District. Howard will check with Newberg Steel to purchase some of the standard Newberg bike racks. CPRD just needs a price and agrees to  make an effort pay for and install them. Howard also offers to help fundraise.

Adjourn: 7:23

Executive Board

May 6, 2014        6:00 pm      MINUTES


Present: Ryan Howard, Don Clements, Robert Soppe, Leah Griffith, Rob Dailey

Guests: Mike Ragsdale, Rick Fieldhouse

NCD Board Meeting

Members: Leah Griffith, Don Clements, Rob Dailey, Robert Soppe, Ryan Howard

Visitors: Mike Ragsdale, Rick Fieldhouse

  1. Call to order : 6:04
  2. No additions or deletions to agenda.
  3. No minutes to approve, although Dailey sent them April 1.
  4. Public Comments: NONE
  5. Board Comments: NONE
  6. -Tunes on Tuesday: has put in their sound and street closure permits for this year.

-Year around banner question: they will not be allowed to be up all the time. They must go up and down for each event. Would like to talk about sign code as it relates to events and general District uses.

-Fees: Need to create temporary rules for Tunes and Farmers because their deadlines are upon us. Leah proposes for 2014 that use fees be waived for NPOs that have been using the area, this in order to ensure activity within the District does not diminish.  Dailey moves, Clements seconds. Board approves.

  1. -Farmers Market wants wine tasting, and Leah verified with OLCC that this is acceptable. It is understood that this will not require a reserve officer. Leah will verify that this is consistent with City code.

-Would the District accommodate picnic tables for the summer:  The Board is very open to this, subject to agreement of placement.

  1. Festival Street permits are in process. Ryan Howard and Truman Stone are exploring options and will give to City Council May 19 for comment. Police Dept wants to keep authority to sign off but would be willing to do it over email.

Adjourn: 6:52p

Executive Board

April 1, 2014        6:00 pm     


Present: Ryan Howard, Don Clements, Robert Soppe, Leah Griffith, Rob Dailey

Call to order 6:03

  1. Welcome
  1. Added to agenda, splash pad
  1. Delete last two numbers for January

Motion to approve as amended: Soppe. Approved

  1. Guest: Teresa Arnold, neighbor

Board Comments: None.

Splash pad:

Clements reports: having a meeting soon. If it goes here, it would go between dumpster and playground. No meetings have been had yet for details. Public group has been to the City Council and CPRD board. This body has only informally been polled. Details are needed on costs.

NCD board prefers to leave open green space to the extent possible.

Motion:  The NCD Board will wait for CPRD and the City to have those detail conversations and weigh in if or when necessary. In general, this body supports the concept. Howard then Soppe. Approved.

  1. Rules & Procedures Review:

Notes made on draft.

Clements expresses concern for the requirement to only use Newberg Police Reserve Officers.

Discussion on open container consumption without a reservation or “permit.” Consensus is that our rules must follow the law.

Discussion on fees for use and the costs of managing the space. Clements thinks CPRD could manage the reservations process with no increase in CPRD costs or infrastructure. Fees, management, and the reservations process will be discussed at next NCD meeting.

Discussion on how much insurance users need to carry per entity. Both CPRD and the City need to determine what each will require.

Clements recommends “Donna McCain Cultural Center Plaza” to be the name of the area in front of the Cultural Center building.

  1. Working names are agreed upon:

Carnegie Court

Cultural Center Plaza

Sheridan Street

Howard Street North End

Howard Street All

Rotary Centennial Park


Cultural Center West Open Space

  1. Street Closure Proposal may not need to go to the Traffic Safety Commission. Property behind Masonic Lodge Building will never be subjected to a closure (because of the train tracks).
  2. Hoping to go to City Council and get long-term permits in lieu of individual event permits for street closures, sound, dance, and alcohol.
  3. Parking plans will be posted on the website. Camellia Fest parking plan is on the site now.
  1. Leah gave annual reports to both the City Council and CPRD Board.
  1. Public Comments: Masonic will be having a private memorial this Saturday, April 5 @ 7pm.

Adjourn: 8:00pm

Executive Board

February 4, 2014        6:00 pm     


Present Griffith, Soppe, Dailey, Howard, CPRD rep absent at call to order. Mark Martin arrives 6:30pm (miscommunication of start time)

Call to order 6:02pm

  1. Welcome.
  1. No additions or deletions to agenda.
  1. Approval of minutes: All minutes but January approved. January minutes not sent.
  1. Robert Soppe motions that member sending a proxy must notify chair and name the proxy.

Seconded by Howard

How many people were at the CCC wedding Saturday? 180. Griffith says no parking issue was apparent. No gravel lot. Many spaces still available.

Review of previous meetings notes on the District Rules.

Soppe introduces discussion on the “blanket closure approval.” Question is whether the approval from the City Council should be renewed each year.

Public comment from audience (Dennis Lewis) in favor of no annual renewal rule.

This board decides to present it both ways to the City Council.

March 17 meeting at City for input.

  1. Annual Meeting called to order.
  1. Update about website and other communications; MailChimp will be single email format for notification. Website will have up-to-date information.
  1. Review draft procedures.
  1. Review draft rules. See DRAFT.
  1. Because of the ballroom construction, the parking plan is being developed anew, with CPRD and the morning fun run.
  1. CDB reports
  2. CPRD–4th Thursday in March.
  3. City Council Report–3rd Monday in March
  1. Public Comments.
  2. Soppe suggests we have a comment item before AND after the meeting.
  3. Tunes on Tuesday representative. They have questions about who to talk to regarding basic rules, leaving tents, signage, and portable toilets, etc. Also concerns were raised about Farmers’ Market conflict. Suggestion to remain in NE greenspace is also mentioned.

i.            The CDB agrees that allowing Tunes on Tuesday to remain in the Centennial Park is not acceptable due to promises to the neighborhood.

ii.            Suggests Farmers Market move to Wednesday Tunes can promote and will allow use of tent.

iii.            Options: Farmers Market moves to back, closers earlier, chooses different day, or stays open until the end of Tunes.

Adjourn 8:59pm

Executive Board

January 7, 2014        6:00 pm      


Present: Ryan Howard, Jim McMaster (for Don Clements), Robert Soppe, Leah Griffith, Rob Dailey

  1. Call to order 6:02
  2. No additions or deletions to agenda.
  3. No minutes available for comment. Sent too late.
  4. Ryan Howard announcement: he will no longer serve on this committee when his city council term is up at the end of the year. He is running for state Senate and that will consume much of his time.
  5. Our goal is to get all policies in alignment.
    1. Reviewing the draft of RULES

i.            See edits made by Leah on the draft.

  1. Camellia Fest is April 12. Because few forms and policies are available now, the Board is considering it as formally as possible and will use it as an opportunity to further verify and correct assessment and notification procedures.
  2. NCD website has been developed and will be available for viewing (in an under construction mode) in January.
  3. Community Meetings
    1. Public Report Meeting–February 4.
    2. CPRD Report–4th Thursday in March.
    3. City Council Report–3rd Monday in March.
  4. Additional meetings longer necessary.
  5. Additional meetings longer necessary.
  6. NONE.

Adjourn: 7:55

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