NCD Board Minutes 2013

October 28, 2013        6:30 pm      

First Minutes for the executive board of the Newberg Cultural District 

  1.  The attendees were welcomed by the current executive board members.
  1. What has happened since the last meeting:
    1. Construction of Sheridan Street/Cultural Center forecourt, by City and CPRD has begun and is scheduled to be completed by December.
    2. A National Endowment for the Arts Our Town grant to design wayfinding, art and other design elements was received and the committee will be meeting next week to start on the process.   The same architects will be used who designed the Sheridan Street/Cultural Center forecourt.
    3. The Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) was approved by City and CPRD and is in process of being signed by all involved.  As soon as it is signed, a PDF of the document will be on the web sites.
    4. The Parking Management Plan has been completed by the committee and chair Robert Soppe shared it in October with the City Council, Traffic Safety Commission and the CPRD board.
    5. City, CPRD, Library and CCC appointed their representatives to the Executive Board.
  1. The residential neighbors assembled and selected Robert Soppe as their representative and he took his place with the rest of the board.

City of Newberg:          Ryan Howard, City Councilor

CPRD:                                Don Clements, Superintendent

Library:                             Leah Griffith, Director

Cultural Center:            Rob Dailey, Director

Residential Neighbor:          Robert Soppe

  1. The Newberg Cultural District Executive Board formally convened and selected Leah Griffith as chair.
  1. The Board voted to meet monthly on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 at the Cultural Center.   The first meeting will be November 5th.
  1. Items to include on the Board’s Work Plan were brainstormed by everyone in attendance.

Develop consistent rules for outdoor space use

Develop web site-Rob is working on it and it will be hosted separately so it can keep its identity as the Cultural District.   The domain, has been purchased.

Have a social media presence

Develop procedures for reserving outdoor spaces

Develop procedures for approving outdoor reservations

Develop procedures for approving (or not) events that kick in a Parking Action Plan or

other triggers as set in the IGA and Parking Management Plan

Review the effectiveness of voluntary parking restrictions as an alternative to parking permits for residents only

Methods to notify the community/neighbors of events at the District, especially those involving parking.   Don stated that the CPRD will commit to doing a mailing to neighbors for the annual meeting.

Methods to keep the community informed on improvements (ballroom, theater) to the Cultural Center

Establish the calendar that not only includes events, but also things like the board meetings, if something is going before the Planning Commission, and events at other locations like the Masonic Hall.

How to inform the NCD of other street closures in the area (such as the 4th of July block party, School between Sherman and Franklin) via the block party application.

  1.  Public Comments:  Rick Fieldhouse, master at the Masonic Lodge, introduced himself and stated they wanted to be able to participate in the discussions to let us know about their events.    He commented that they had not been notified of the recent water turnoff with the Sheridan Street construction project.   Leah indicated she would convey his contact information to the appropriate city staff.
  1. Adjourn:   The meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm
  1. The next meeting will be Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at 6:00 pm at the Chehalem Cultural Center.   It is a public meeting and anyone is invited to attend.  Meeting announcements will be posted on the web sites of the City, Library, CPRD and CCC, posted City Hall, Library, CPRD and notice sent to the Graphic.

Minutes prepared by Leah Griffith

Newberg Cultural District Executive Board

November 5, 2013        6:00 pm      




Members: Griffith, Soppe, Ryan, Dailey, Kat Ricker (CPRD representative)

Neighbor: Rick Fieldhouse

  1. Call to order 6pm
  1. Welcome
  1. Additions or Deletions to the Agenda
    1. Motion: Rob Dailey to become secretary
      1. Soppe motions
      2. Howard seconds
      3. Approved
  1. Approval of the Minutes of October 28, 2013
    1. Soppe motions
    2. Howard seconds
    3. Approved
  1. Board Comments
    1. None.
  1. Develop Work Plan for Executive Board’s next few month activities
    1. Develop consistent rules for outdoor space use
      1. Website
        1. Cultural Center staff working on website. Should be up in a basic form by next meeting, with logos, links, calendar, and pdfs available.
        2. Soppe suggests we buy as well as .org
          1. Griffith to do this
          2. Soppe suggests pdfs are online fillable.
            1. Dailey will research
            2. City will host secondary pages, where the archives of the pdfs will be available.
            3. Calendar functionality will be a work in progress.
            4. Masonic Lodge requests their website link be made available on the website, as well.
              1. Soppe recommends the District comply, and include some outlying neighbors and businesses, but be careful not to “advertise” for them
              2. Posting would be only if event might IMPACT the District.
    2. Social Media
      1. Dailey recommends we do not pursue it. It is additional administrative and no more effective than traditional email and the website. Plus district itself needs no promotion.
      2. Each entity will maintain its own social media presence.
    3. Calendar
      1. Will be developed along with the website
    4. Methods to communicate to the neighborhood and community
      1. On work plan, to be discussed by District Board.
  2. Develop procedures for use, reserving, and approving outdoor space events
    1. Policies exist within each organization (City, CPRD, CCC). The District will assess the policies and use the existing foundation to craft a unified policy for the District.
    2. A proposal will be created by staff and brought to the District Board for approval.
  3. Develop procedures for approving (or not) events that kick in a Parking Action Plan or other triggers as set in the IGA and Parking Management Plan
    1. Howard suggest we make sure we capture a policy for who has responsibility for implementing the parking action plan if it wasn’t triggered until another group came in.
    2. Also, determine what alerts staff that the parking threshold has been exceeded.
    3. Process will be same as 6(b).
  4. Daily use norms
    1. Library and CCC to develop (by next meeting) baseline numbers.
    2. Include Masonic Lodge, Wine Country Antiques, other businesses and residents.
    3. Rick Fieldhouse (Masonic Lodge Worshipful Master) submits a two-page document detailing events through May. Because of the volume they are now getting, they should be included on the calendar on the website.
  5. Review the concept of neighborhood parking restrictions (parking permits for residents only)
    1. On work plan, to be discussed by District Board.
  6. How to inform the NCD of other street closures in the area (such as the 4th of July block party, School between Sherman and Franklin) via the block party application.
    1. On work plan, to be discussed by District Board.
  7. Other
  1.  Public Comments
    1. None.

Adjourn: 7:26


Newberg Cultural District Executive Board

December 3, 2013        6:00 pm      


Call to order 6:00pm

Don Clements excused: CPRD Christmas party tonight

Review of work plan. Motion for approval.

Ryan motions

Soppe seconds

Passed unanimously.

5a) Parking norms:

Soppe suggests change “average” to “peak”

Also perhaps “snapshot of parking use”

Not clear if this documents includes classes at the Cultural Center.

The document will be revised seasonally and

Footnote to this document: Unless there is a special event, we expect other property owners within the district will not impact the baseline parking.

5b) First Friday:

Road construction not complete

Parking on First Friday (December 6) will be difficult to manage this year.

During any given First Friday, the parking dynamics are different and the District has less control.

Soppe suggests we learn from the experience of the construction delay and develop a system for informing the community that parking may be a problem on that night.

Robert will walk around this Friday night and inform the group.

May consider using the trolley more as a park-and-ride for city-wide events.

6)  Draft rules.

Alcohol use rules will be addressed.

Security during events (especially those with alcohol) Griffith recommends using ONLY reserve officers. Qualified, trained officers, with direct contact with the on duty Newberg-Dundee officers, and it supports the local law enforcement reserve program.

Availability is a question, would not want lack of an available officer to impact the users of the space.

Intent will be to make consistent rules, including fee schedules and the process for reservations.

7) Website is live with a placeholder page right now.

Krista McCullum has been hired to develop the site.

Getting reports to entity boards on a calendar:

Griffith will be absent for March meeting

Griffith will try to get reports to City and CPRD boards in March

No public comments.

Adjourn 7:34p

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